The business world is dynamic & this leads to consistent changes and updates that companies are expected to comply with.

Being involved in the everyday running of your business often means that SMME owners are not always taking advantage of the best opportunities they can to be more efficient, or strategically savy for the longer run.

Our role as Governance Professional & Part time Financial Director (FD) allow you to enjoy this expertise for a fraction of a price, compared to having a full time employee on board.

Dealing with Board Members or Shareholders can also be a scary thought, and making the right strategic decisions allows this to be seamless.

Ticking all the right boxes…..


  • Memorandum of Incorporation updates
  • Drafting of Resolutions
  • Good Governance practices
  • Assistance with International Governance Requirements

Having an Independent Eye ……


  • Analysis of management accounts – how is the business performing?
  • Cashflow planning
  • Finding business efficiencies
  • Training of Financial staff

Peace of mind over big decisions & the business future…..


  • Strategic planning for the business
  • Integrating business success with personal wealth
  • What If scenario planning
  • Dividends – when, how & why
  • Small Business Tax advantages – do you qualify
  • Company Tax structures
  • Meetings with the Board / Shareholders

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